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Disk Injuries


About 200,000 patients undergo lumbar spine surgery each year.  Of those, 20-40% will not gain the desired outcome and a full 10% will be worse off following surgery. 


Did you know that if you hold an object next to your body, the weight of that object is equal to the pounds of stress on the disc in you lower back.


But...If you extend your arms fully away from your body and lift the same weight, the pounds of stress on the disc in your lower back can be multiplied by ten!


It only takes around 300 pounds of pressure to tear the fibers of a disc.  Some people experience as much as 500 pounds of pressure when they sneeze!


Most disc injuries are no the result of a single event but are the result of small injuries or micro traumas that occur over time.


While results cannot be guaranteed, many patients have avoided needless surgery or a dependency on pain pills, by choosing conservative chiropractic care.


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